The Leading Supplier of CIGS TurnKey Equipment



Midsummer is a leading supplier of turnkey equipment for cost effective and scalable manufacturing of flexible CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium, and Selenium) cells and modules. Midsummer is the only supplier with successful sales of production equipment. Midsummer’s turnkey manufacturing line has a small footprint, is perfectly scalable and allow for small-scale production of solar cells and panels from raw material to a finished product. Moreover, Midsummer supports you to set up a factory and provide your team all the know-how and technology in order to create an efficient manufacturing process.

Flexible modules are a fast growing niche that allows for new and creative PV applications. With Midsummer’s technology, you are able to manufacture customized lightweight flexible solar panels which can be attached on any type of surfaces, such as; membrane roofs, portable power plants, marine installations, vehicle usage, landfill covers or other infrastructure projects. New applications combined with fast and easy installation create new and profitable business opportunities for both PV manufacturers and system integrators.

One Midsummer DUO has a capacity of producing 5 MW per year. When you need more capacity you just add identical DUOs in parallel to ramp up production. We are also offering an R&D tool, the UNO, that has all the unique features of the DUO but with less capacity and with greater versatility. The UNO can be delivered with CIGS and CZTS processes, but it can also be used for a range of other thin film research projects.